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Waar staan wij voor:

  • Eerlijk delen
  • Afschaffen monarchie
  • Afschaffen of reguleren bonussen (voor 90% belasten)
  • Armoede besrijden
  • Een jaarlijks referendum over belangrijke onderwerpen
  • Vrijheid van meningsuiting
  • Opheffen van privacybeperkende maatregelen
  • Premie ziekenfonds naar draagkracht
  • Verbetering van de arbeidsmarkt
  • Verbetering van de zorg
  • Vrij wapenbezit

Waar zijn wij tegen:

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  • avatar Steve Valentin Roberto Maria Cotterli schreef:

    I got the proof, and have the real names and addresses of almost! every person in Steven Spielberg’s
    ‘The Last Days’ Documentary.
    It’s my immediate family, my sister is Irene Zissblat, they are all fake profiles of both survivors and so called victims.

    Also the actors of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, Naval Yard, Kenya Mall,Jullian Assage,Anonymous, RT, Young Turks.
    and those fake ‘black’ killings by police, I can show you who they really are and the M.O!

    Made homeless by those !! , don’t worry,
    all my data is for free to be published and explored,
    not asking for money, only a place to stay in order to
    help you go thru the material, and take it from there!
    if you do phone,
    I probably can’t tell you anything as I am residing with
    them, in order not to be sleeping on a bench in the park,
    plus ‘they’ read everything I type and send out as mail,
    they showed me all to clear,

    hope to hear from you soon,


    +31 644 869 887 – steviecotterli@outlook.com

    PS> Contacts in EU needed

    People that pretend to help revisionists so far:

    Mark Weber – Institute for Historical Review
    Henry Makow – Author

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