Weer een nieuwe vriendin 1.5

Van: Elvira <chantalj33@bbox.fr>
Onderwerp: Greetings! E-mail me your beautiful man letters!
Antwoord-naar: Elvira <uw@yahoo.com>

I am your new neighbor. I recently moved and now I live not far from you.
My name is Elvira I am 26 years old. I live alone, I have no one here from my close ones.
Sometimes I feel like sad. But when I saw you, I completely lost my peace.
I immediately liked you. Your clever eyes simply attract attention.
I have seen you several times already, but I didn’t know how to start dating you.
Finally, I managed to find your email address, and now I am writing this letter to you.
I hope you read this letter and we can see you.
I want you to be near to me. I close my eyes and imagine how you are coming,
and hug me with your strong hands on the waist, you start to kiss me tenderly.
I really really want to make love to you! You start to take off my clothes, touch my chest, caress my nipples gently biting.
A moan of pleasure rushes from my chest. We remove the remaining clothes and we are lie down. My naughty tongue starts to caress the head of your penis.
You get unforgettable pleasure, and I get all wet from it. Your hand will slide between my legs, and I will feel the barely perceptible caress in the area of ​​hot wet clitoris.
My desire to feel you in yourself will be irresistible. you will spend your dick between wet labia, and then slowly penetrate me.
I will feel an explosion of pleasure, feeling your huge penis. The penetration intensity will increase, I will groan from pleasure…
What do you feel reading these lines? I’m already all wet!
Go to this site, you can easily find me. It is very convenient to chat online. I want to know you better, and then we can meet, or you can come to me.
I will wait for you, my dear!
Your Elvira.
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