Weer een nieuwe vriendin 1.8

Van: Mariya <richard.mathurin@bbox.fr>
Onderwerp: Answer me, I waited for an answer.
Antwoord-naar: Mariya <ffd@gmail.com>

This is my mailing addressHello to you from a gentle woman, I really miss your male attention, my dear.
With these gentle words, I want to find my man and really want it to be you.
I’ll tell you briefly about myself. I’m a natural girl, green eyes, brown hair, my height is 5 ‘9 ”
and my weight is 165.4 lbs. I’m 29 years old. I have no children, I never gave birth! My name is Maria
I really expect you to turn your attention to me and to my letters.
I have little fantasies about which I would like to tell you this is such fantasies in which there are erotic pranks.
It makes me smile and shine in my eyes if you could only see it.
(I am excited by my fantasies and my silk panties are getting wet. I so want you, my beloved man.)
How I dream to say these words to my only and very desirable man!
I need your attention. If you understand me and want to communicate with me.
For you will not be a problem to start to communicate with me on the adult site?
You can find me by this ID:075545776
I hope you liked my photo? I think that knowingly paid money for this photo session.
I would really like to know that you liked me.
I am really waiting for you, my love for you will have no limits, my beloved!
Let’s try to communicate and we can succeed, I believe in what I say to you, my dear man.
This is my mailing address polkinna54@seznam.cz !!
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