Weer een nieuwe vriendin 1.1

Van: Ava <>
Onderwerp: I want a happy life.
Antwoord-naar: Ava <>

Will such an impressive man have a little time to explain to a pretty stranger how to find a woman’s happiness?
My name is Ava, I am 25 years old.
I saw you on a dating site, I liked you so. You look like a guy I recently saw in a dream.
True, he was not alone, but with a white horse. Isn’t it you?
I was thinking how to write first to you on the site, but when I found your email address, I decided to write you this letter and send my photo.
You and I are almost neighbors, I live not far from you.
I really want to meet you. I want you to be near, feel your touch on my body, inhale the fragrance of your skin.
Now I live alone in my sister’s house, she will not be here a couple of weeks. I’m so lonely here. Want to come to me?
I imagine how your hands gently caress my chest and thighs, squeeze the buttocks and languidly press my already lifeless body of passion and desire to your mighty torso.
I have one desire – to be yours, ready to obey you in love games.
I so want to feel you inside of you, your flesh burning with passion, your growing movement.
Imagine how your member in me becomes even bigger and plunges deep into me, more and more …
Do you like my sexual fantasies? Tell me about your fantasies.
I want to chat with you on a webcam, it can be done here.
Do you want to see me naked?
I will wait for you !!!
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