Weer een nieuwe vriendin 2.0

Van: Renata <>
Onderwerp: Worried about you.
Antwoord-naar: Renata <>

Hi sweetie!
How are you? My friend gave me your email address.
You spoke to her on the dating site last year.
My name is Renata, I am 25 years old.
Now I am in your city and I want to meet you.
I saw you in the photo. You are very cute, I liked your kind eyes.
I’m sure I won’t be bored with you. You can cheer up a girl, and together we will have a good time.
I want to chat with you on this site. We can chat via webcam or just chat.
We get to know each other better and have a date.
We will have a romantic dinner, drink some wine. And then we can go to my hotel.
We will stay with you, suppress the light, then you will undress me and lay on the bed.
I want to feel your excited body and completely dissolve in you. I want to enjoy you all night, all day.
Forget with you about everyone and everything. I want you to have passions and fly away from unprecedented bliss.
I want all my sexual fantasies to become a reality with you.
I’m waiting for you!!!
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